What is Empowered Belonging?

I write about how a better future is possible. In particular, I am interested in how institutions, culture, and technology affect our world, and how leaders can direct those forces to build advanced, dynamic, and more prosperous societies.

It falls to leaders — good people — to build societies that make opportunities of change, rather than challenges. In doing so, leaders should pursue empowered belonging.

It is one thing to turn challenges to opportunities, and another to seize opportunities fully. To do so, we need societies full of empowered individuals who are able to seize opportunities playing to their own strengths and capabilities, but retain the ubiquitously-desired sense of belonging and community that holds society together.

I write Empowered Belonging to put my thoughts on institutions, culture, and technology on paper, and currently work at the intersection of culture and web3, watching the future of the internet get built.

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Leo Nasskau

Progress comes at the intersection of technology and culture. I write about where they meet and how leaders can turn the challenges into opportunities.