What is Empowered Belonging?

Our world needs good leadership to make the most of today's change. I believe that anyone is a leader, including you, and in this newsletter, I want to explore how.

Empowered Belonging is a newsletter about how good leadership can build societies fit for the 21st century.

Challenges and opportunities often come as two sides of the same coin. In this century, the start of a new era, we face them in our economic, social, and political worlds. New technologies are redefining how people work and produce value, how people communicate and mobilise, and thus how our political systems function too. It is the role of leaders, in business, society, and politics, to turn these challenges into opportunities, and build empowering societies that can take advantage of them.

This is a newsletter about leadership set in the context of major change and considers two questions: how do you lead effectively, and how to face the changes.

Good leadership makes all the difference between the success of a society and its failure, between whether changes manifest themselves as challenges or opportunities. Leaders set the agenda, build the movements, and introduce the responses that make these differences. Leaders operate in all walks of life – business, society, or politics – and pay attention to the changes of their era.

When it comes to work, technological progress is creating a future of work where employees first face the challenge of working alongside computers, and then the opportunity this offers to augment their own productivity. With respect to society, globalised inter-connectedness makes it easier than ever to mobilise others, and we need to figure out how to embrace the inherent opportunity in being able to reach and hear people from around the world without succumbing to the chaos that so much noise can bring. Consequently, our political systems are under threat, because if we fail to rise to those challenges, politics will become a shouting match between extreme sides desperate to snatch their next fistful of the pie from the other.

It falls to leaders to build societies, fit for the 21st century, that make opportunities of these changes. In doing so, leaders should bear in mind the concept of empowered belonging. It is one thing to turn challenges into opportunities, but another to seize these opportunities fully. To do so, we need societies full of empowered individuals who are able to seize opportunities playing to their own strengths and capabilities, but retain the sense of belonging that humans inherently desire.

Who are you?

I set up Empowered Belonging to put my thoughts on leadership and change on paper, and currently work at the intersection of culture and web3, watching the future of the internet get built, and recommending Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha to everyone I can.

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